Our model for transforming Learning and Development organizations from a cost center to a profit center by managing the end-to-end execution of an entire L&D organization.

Our learning outsourcing model was specifically built for global organizations looking for an end-to-end L&D service provider, but it can be customized to match the specific needs of the organization

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Our learning strategy process can be broken down into three steps: we assess current human capital requirements, we work with stakeholders to align opportunities for improvement with business strategies, and then we develop a plan for execution.


Business Strategy Discovery – One-time review of existing business strategy for the upcoming year, as it relates to learning requirements. The strategy addresses goals, priorities, focus areas and budget projections.

Documenting Learning Strategy – Mapping identified business objectives within specific business units to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to be developed. Understanding that many organizations have several opportunities for employee growth, budget projections play a key role in identifying areas that will result in the highest return on investment (ROI).


Leadership Alignment – Increasing the success of L&D initiatives by onboarding and aligning key business leaders.

Business Case – Working with companies to prepare detailed business cases for human capital transformations, with ROI estimates and investment realization timelines.

Governance Model – Form a steering committee, design action plans and internal communications, and governance measures.


Annual Performance Learning Plan – Working with the Learning Executive Steering Committee (combination of L&D and business executives) and individual business units to document the specific learning programs to be developed and delivered within the upcoming year, including cost constraints.

Performance Learning Blueprints – Once the learning programs have been outlined in the Annual Performance Plan, these are translated into detailed course requirements with the help of subject matter experts for the business units and the project stakeholder.

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Recruitment, onboarding, training, and facilitation for organizations that need to deliver instructor-led training programs, but don’t want the overhead or burden of managing an in-house team of instructors.

Trainer Recruitment

Global Network – We have a pool of over 5,000 trainers working across domains and industries at various global locations.

Selection – All of our trainers go through a multi-stage interview & empanelment process.


Certification – Trainers are required to pass an onboarding test before being deployed. This test can be customized, but follows the “watch it, practice it, and teach it” method.

Virtual Facilitation – Training in a virtual environment requires a different set of skills and an instructor onboarding program that can certify those skills


Train the Trainer – Once the training team has been onboarded, either Infopro Learning’s Master Trainer or the client team trains the trainers using specific TTT materials.

Continuous Learning – All instructors affiliated with Infopro Learning receive frequent training materials and communication on facilitation best practices to ensure they never lose their edg

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